Traditional House Frames


Construction using traditional timber frames dates back to the 12th century, a home crafted in this method uses large dimensioned timber with precisely cut joints fixed together with wooden pegs. Using beautiful Australian timbers they are strong and long lasting. The widest possible range of styles are possible to construct, from classically inspired country homes to cutting edge modern.



Timber framing is real, exposed and present in a home, it has a scale that dwarfs ordinary building materials. Large dimension timber trusses and frames are strong and convey strength, they are by nature visually impressive . Clearly the house is derived from trees, not sticks and glue or composite materials from waste, but rather the prime cut.
They convey the craftsmanship involved in their making, wonderfully clever joints made strong with timber pegs. These are honest materials, made into beautiful things. Homes are our single biggest investments, they are shelter, they are where we spend so much of our time, and they should be pleasing and inspiring.



There is quite a lot of timber in a complete traditionally framed house, so consideration needs to be given to the acquisition of the milled timber in the first instance.

Depending on the complexity and overall size of the project it can take from one to two months to layout, mark, cut and assembly the frame components. A large house may need as many as five hundred pegs for joints for us to make.

As we typically undertake the manufacture of all the components at our Southern Highlands workshop, it leaves your building site clear to prepare any earthworks, foundations, footings and slabs whilst the frame is being crafted.



With many completed projects throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria we have the skills and drive to contribute to your build. We are happy to discuss your project with you directly, or you may prefer we meet with your architect or builder.

You may have your own very clear idea of your project, or you may wish to explore suggestions from our experience. In any case we stand ready to help guide you through the choices in timber, style and design for your project.

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