feature trusses

One of the enduringly beautiful features of heavy section timber frames is that the frame and trusses are not hidden in the fabric of the building, they are exposed and lend themselves to being a major visual feature.


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A building may be designed where the impact of traditional timber trusses are featured and the unseen supporting elements are conventional timber / steel / masonry construction. This can be a cost effective way to include these beautiful timber elements to your building.

Hand crafted timber frames whilst an ancient build form doesn’t mean you can’t have the most modern of homes including super insulation. We work often with builders who are highly awarded for beautiful, high performing homes with the highest sustainability credentials. Our truss and frame sets can be incorporated in a wide variety of building styles and materials.



For a more modern or industrial look and simplicity of construction, we also offer feature trusses with steel plate connections. These are standard designs and are often specified in building plans, meaning we can offer a more streamlined and cost effective solution.

You just need to give us the span and pitch, or send your drawings, and the trusses will be shipped to your site ready for installation. No mess, no fuss.


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