Architectural timber frames


Australian Traditional

Rough sawn iconic Australian hardwoods combined with 19th century industrial style steel work. This is timber framing that was at the cutting edge of engineering technology through the Industrial revolution. The same Old World charm and hand crafted perfection, with a technological edge.



The soft, airy feel of dressed timbers in white cypress, using hidden steel plate connections allows for flexibility of design and a subtlety not found in our traditional styles. This system pairs well with modern finishes and neat interiors



Japanese style framing adds a touch of refinement to the craft, utilising smaller section timbers with a smooth dressed finish. Frame layouts and room sizes are based on traditional formulas. This style is perfect for suspended floors and wraparound verandas, making it an ideal partner for the classic Australian style home.


Portal Frames

Developed specifically for installation in modern style “barn” homes, these portal frames give structure to a building without intruding on the spaces within. They are designed to span out to 8m width and work perfectly with pavilion style homes.



The simplest style of full structural framing we offer, modular frames can be envisaged as a set of stackable cubes, using traditional or modern connections. These frames provide great aesthetics and a solid structure, pairing well with standard gangnail roof trusses.

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If you have plans for your own style or layout, talk to our in house timber frame designer and we can help turn even your wildest ideas into a living timber frame.

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