3D detail models

Please feel free to download and use the models here to assist in your design work. There are a range of common traditional joint details as well as some methods for standard finishing carpentry. If you would like specific details for your project our designer is happy to work with your chosen building system to get you the best frame integration outcome possible.

All files are in AutoCAD 2018 DXF format

Post Shoe

Rafter Options

Wall Infill Framing

Joinery - Beam to Post

Joinery - Knee Brace and Scarf

Joinery - Bridle with Queen Posts

Joinery - King Post Truss

Joinery - Purlins

Joinery - Spline

Joinery - Post to Top Plate

Joinery - Tabled Scarf

Joinery - Truss Tie Beam to Top Plate